“Lost in Space” | Chalk Pastels

I love drawing space art digitally, but I thought it might be fun to try drawing it with pastels instead. I took a sheet of paper, painted it…

Autumn Days | Chalk Pastels

I bought some new pastels and felt like orange was a nice color to work with.  Of course, grabbing orange, and my usual tendency towards nature, resulted in…

“What If They Actually Succeed?” | Digital Illustration

Trying to conquer my art block has been exhausting, but the end result of this attempt makes me feel like maybe I might be on the mend. This…

“I Must Go” | Digital Illustration

I realized that my current process for drawing involves basically layering—I don’t do a whole lot of erasing, generally, but just keep drawing on top of what’s already…

Waterline | Watercolor Illustration [Patreon]

I just finished up my school semester and all my finals, and I coincidentally had fewer hours at work, so I had…a bunch of free time.  Time to…

“Burning Book” | Digital Illustration | Redraw

Someone challenged me to redraw an old illustration of mine from back in 2016, and so I did. This is the end result. I was a bit nervous…

“Dreaming, Waking, Breathing” | Digital Illustration

August 21, 2017, an eclipse crossed a good portion of the United States. I was not in the path of totality, but travelled north with my family to…

Minas Tirith — Digital Illustration

Drawn as a birthday present for my dad. Details: Title: Minas Tirith Medium: Digital, Photoshop

Snowy Mountainside | Digital Illustration

Snowy mountainside from page 15 of Guardians’ Advent webcomic.

“Caught” | Digital Illustration

This drawing actually started out of desperation. I was participating in an art show and needed some prints, and I was feeling unsatisfied with the older artwork I…

“The Masquerade” | Digital Illustration

This drawing is fun for me to look at, simply because I know how many sketches I went through before I got this pose to work the way…

Inktober 2018 Day 8: Star

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Inktober 2018 Day 3: Roasted

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City Street | Mixed Media Illustration

I had this very vivid idea of a city street come into my head one day, and I thought it would be really cool if I could manage…

Commission: “Land of the Stars” | Digital Illustration

Commission drawn for someone on deviantArt, inspired by a recurring dream they had. Details: Title: “Land of the Stars” Medium: Digital, Photoshop Canvas size: 3000 x 4000 pixels

Fairy | Digital Illustration

I had just gotten off work, and I was laying on top of my bed, staring at the ceiling, and this image just…suddenly popped into my head. So…

#Inktober2019 Day 5: Build

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#Inktober2019 Day 3: Bait

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#Inktober2019 Day 1: Ring

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Pink Unicorn | Digital Illustration

I’ve…kind of been facing a bad case of art block for…well, I guess the past month.  It’s been rough.  The idea of drawing anything has been hard, and…

Pre-Made Book Cover — City [For Purchase]

Pre-made book cover design. Available for purchase and (limited) customization. Email at katyschifferer[AT]gmail[DOT]com for details and pricing.

Pre-Made Book Cover — Forest [For Purchase]

Pre-made book cover design. Available for purchase and (limited) customization. Email at katyschifferer[AT]gmail[DOT]com for details and pricing.