Artist Statement

The world around me, particularly in nature, is incredibly fascinating, and sometimes, it leaves me speechless in awe over the beauty or intricacies of it. That same awe is what I hope to instill into my artwork, and sometimes, the best way to really capture the essence of that is to add a bit of a fantastical or otherwordly element to it.

I find myself drawn to similar subjects repeatedly, most notably mountains and the sky—whether it’s the sunrise, or a star-filled nighttime view—or just outer space in general.

I use what I consider a semi-realistic painterly style, and I have drawn inspiration in particular from Impressionist painters, especially the concept of leaving visible brushstrokes and the nature of playing with how light interacts with water. The mediums I use most often are digital painting or chalk pastels.

About Me

Growing up, I was always big into drawing. I didn’t do it all the time, but it was an enjoyable pastime. People would ask me if I wanted to be an artist when I grew up, but I always brushed off the idea as ridiculous.

Then at some point in highschool, during my senior year, I realized how special my art was to me, and I chose to make something of it.

I began to pursue it with real dedication, but I was still unsure what to do with it—largely because I had yet to put in the practice to really hone my skills. I started going to college, majoring in Graphic Design, while learning all I could with my art, and trying to perfect my skills and explore mediums I’d never really touched before.

I still have lots left to learn, but I am confident in where I am and how far I’ve come, and I hope that I never stop learning.