Trying to conquer my art block has been exhausting, but the end result of this attempt makes me feel like maybe I might be on the mend.

This one started with just a doodle of a mountain and a simple crescent-moon shape, but I started playing with it curling around more, and it ended up less like a crescent-moon and more like an annular solar eclipse. One of the interesting parts of this drawing is after I laid down the sketch and began to add in some base colors, I realized I had done my sketch entirely in a dark blue—rather than black. I really liked how the blue complemented the rest of the color scheme, and so I ended up incorporating it into the shadows, and really loved the effect.

I’m over all fairly happy with this drawing. I especially am proud of the moon’s reflection in the water, which took…a couple of tries to get right, but was definitely worth the effort.