I realized that my current process for drawing involves basically layering—I don’t do a whole lot of erasing, generally, but just keep drawing on top of what’s already there, until I like what I have.  (Kind of how you’d work with oil paints, I believe.)  What this means is each layer in my Photoshop file kind of shows a step at a time.

It’s not a perfect, and it doesn’t always show all of the process.  For example, for this particular drawing, I at one point was planning to have the foreground tree on the right side of the image, but I realized that that made the composition…off.  Luckily, I’d put the tree on its own layer, so I just flipped it horizontally and adjusted the size.

Even without getting any of these details, this is still a cool way of looking at my progress, especially for drawings where I didn’t record and create a speedpaint.


Title: “I Must Go”

Medium: Digital, Photoshop

Canvas size: 3000px by 4000px