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“I Must Go” | Digital Illustration

I realized that my current process for drawing involves basically layering—I don’t do a whole lot of erasing, generally, but just keep drawing on top of what’s already…

“Burning Book” | Digital Illustration | Redraw

Someone challenged me to redraw an old illustration of mine from back in 2016, and so I did. This is the end result. I was a bit nervous…

Minas Tirith — Digital Illustration

Drawn as a birthday present for my dad. Details: Title: Minas Tirith Medium: Digital, Photoshop

Snowy Mountainside | Digital Illustration

Snowy mountainside from page 15 of Guardians’ Advent webcomic.

Charcoal Doodle

Medium: Willow and compressed charcoal. Canvas size: 7in x 10 in Process & Inspiration: After going on vacation and visiting some beautiful National Parks, I felt inspired to…