Burning Book illustration

Someone challenged me to redraw an old illustration of mine from back in 2016, and so I did. This is the end result.

I was a bit nervous about redrawing this one, because I knew that a lot of people tell me they love the old one… and to be perfectly honest, I am not really sure why. The concept is interesting, but that drawing was one of the very first digital paintings I ever did, so the actualization of it was…decent for my skill level at the time, but not really that great, ultimately. At least, that’s how I felt. Many people disagreed with me and thought it was fantastic. So redrawing it, I was worried that I would somehow miss the thing that originally drew people to it, and that the new drawing would be better in technique, but not actually…better.

Even still, I am happy with the end result of this drawing. Is it better than the old one?

You’ll have to answer that for yourself, I think.

The original drawing:


Title: “Burning Book”

Medium: Digital, Photoshop

Canvas size: 11″ x 14″