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illustration | ˌiləˈstrāSH(ə)n | noun

  • a picture illustrating a book, newspaper, etc.
  • an example serving to clarify or prove something
  • the action or fact of illustrating something, either pictorially or by exemplification

Illustrations, drawings, and paintings, as opposed to designs and graphics.  This includes both traditional and digital work.  Some pieces vary in refinedness, from messy concept art or sketches and doodles to finished, refined illustrations.

Minas Tirith — Digital Illustration

Drawn as a birthday present for my dad. Details: Title: Minas Tirith Medium: Digital, Photoshop

Snowy Mountainside | Digital Illustration

Snowy mountainside from page 15 of Guardians’ Advent webcomic.

“Caught” | Digital Illustration

This drawing actually started out of desperation. I was participating in an art show and needed some prints, and I was feeling unsatisfied with the older artwork I…

“The Masquerade” | Digital Illustration

This drawing is fun for me to look at, simply because I know how many sketches I went through before I got this pose to work the way…

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