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Fairy | Digital Illustration

I had just gotten off work, and I was laying on top of my bed, staring at the ceiling, and this image just…suddenly popped into my head. So…

#Inktober2019 Day 3: Bait

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Waterline | Watercolor Illustration [Patreon]

I just finished up my school semester and all my finals, and I coincidentally had fewer hours at work, so I had…a bunch of free time.  Time to…

Minas Tirith — Digital Illustration

Drawn as a birthday present for my dad. Details: Title: Minas Tirith Medium: Digital, Photoshop

Snowy Mountainside | Digital Illustration

Snowy mountainside from page 15 of Guardians’ Advent webcomic.

“Caught” | Digital Illustration

This drawing actually started out of desperation. I was participating in an art show and needed some prints, and I was feeling unsatisfied with the older artwork I…